Intel and Apple rely on machine learning, Oracle infiltrated by a Russian gang, increment on SSDs


Machine learning is gaining momentum in applications. To go faster, Apple and Intel redeem startups. The providers of point of sale terminals stoke lust gang specialized in stealing credit card data: Oracle Micros division was the target. SSD manufacturers are preparing their next advertising solutions capacity of 32 and 60 TB.

To kick acceleration on machine learning technologies, Apple and Intel have bought their separate this week a start-up specializing in this area. For the Cupertino, it comes Turi , a company based in Seattle. The transaction is valued at $ 200 million. Intel for its part redeemed Nervana and deep learning platform for an estimated $ 400 million. This San Diego-based start-up also brings the processor manufacturer specialized ASIC that he developed.

Specializing in solutions for POS terminals used in shops and restaurants, the Oracle Micros division was attacked by a group of Russian cybercriminals . Hundreds of its systems have been infected from a single in the retail business. Subsequently, it was discovered that five other POS providers had also attacked last month: Cin7, ECRS, Navy Zebra, PAR Technology and Uniwell. Attackers are introduced on the servers of the provider of point of sale terminals to steal the passwords of their users in order to remotely access their POS where they can get the customers credit card data.

The Flash Memory Summit conference resulted in an escalation of ads this week in Santa Clara (California) in the field of flash storage solutions. Samsung showed 32TB SSD integrating 3D chips it plans to deliver the next year. Seagate prepares his side for 60 TB of SSD , while Lenovo is working with several manufacturers on a card that will bring 48 TB of SSD storage.

Flights from Delta Airlines have suffered very strong disturbances this week because of a computer failure caused by a problem on the grid. Tens of thousands of passengers were stranded at airports due to the postponement or cancellation of departures.

Microsoft has delivered a security update (Patch Tuesday) for the month of August . Part patches regarding flaws that could allow attacks remote code execution through malicious websites and documents sent as attachments. Moreover, users of Windows 10 who want to update their machine with version 1607 Birthday must know that they now have more than 10 days , instead of 30 previously, to return to the previous version of their OS s' they change their minds.

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